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XL-90W 3D X-ray

Easy to operate function See-through Side window for Operator 4
user preconfigured position setting in addition to joystick base
manual operation with Laser Locator

X-Ray Source
- Supplier: Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
- Tube Voltage Range: 0 ~ 90KV, Max 100mA (OPTION: 100KV, 200uA (MAX20W) available)
- Filament Type: W (Tungsten)
- Min Chart Resolution: <5um

- Display Image Type: 2D Transmission Image - Menu Language: English, Japanese
- Analysis Function: Wire seep, Wire length, Void area, X/Y length
- Data Saving: Image data (jpg, bmp), Measurement data (CSV)

- Type: I.I. (Image Intensifier) - Sensor Size: 4 inch 
- Pixel Size: 35.2um 
- Pixel Layout: 2,048 x 1,536 - Max FOV: 72 x 54mm 
- Zoom Stroke: 300mm 
- Output Resolution: 12bit

Resolution (Pixel Size)
- At Max: 0.88um / x40 magnification
- At Min: 7.04um / x5 magnification

Safety Related
- X-ray leakage: Less than 1um Sv/h
- Built-in EPO (emergency power off)
- Built-in Interlock system

Sample Specification
- Material Type: Light elements ~ Metal (small radius)
- Max Outer Size: X350 x Y250 x Z50mm
- Weight: 5kg or less
- Max X-Ray Transparency Thickness: Aluminum 30mm

Machine Physical
- Dimension: W1,050 x D1,025 x H1,730
- Weight: Approx. 980kg

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