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Single arm loader / unloader

It is an automatic loader & unloader which developed to support the manual B.B.T. machines.
It has such charcteristics as ecnomical, practical, high speed, simple structure and easy to maintain.
The loader & unloader conveys PCBs by mechanical arm to testing machine, it works for all shapes of PCBs, the mechanical arm carries and put PCBs and gently with high speed the devise id very suitable for mess and high-density testings of pcbs with the use of higefficiency testingdevices the e-testing can turn to most effective and efficient.
It developed to do automatic testing saving labor cost avoiding artificially mishanding of workers, imprcing the reliability of e-testing.
It is the best choice for PCB manufacturer to advance their testing system.

 (input power) 1.5kw
輸入電壓 (input voltage) AC 220V
氣源壓力 (air pressure) 6-8kg / cm²
送板速度 (unload speed) 2 second / cycle
收板速度 (load speed) 2 second / cycle
測板最大尺寸 (PCB Max size) 400 mm x 320 mm x 3 mm
控制系統 (control system) 智能人機介面 (smart human-computer interface )
測試效率 (test efficient) 800-1000 pcs/h
環境溫度 (circumstance temperature range)  18°C ~ 25°C
環境濕度 (circumstance humidity range) Max 60%
待測板堆板高度 ( Stack height of boards) Max 400 mm
PASS板堆板高度 ( Stack height of pass boards) Max 400 mm
FAIL板堆板高度 ( Stack height of fail boards) Max 400 mm
設備尺寸 (shape size)  (L/W/H) 1760 mm x 1000 mm x 1200 mm
重量 (weight) 360 kg