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Drill / Endmill / Countersink bits

Drill / End / 沉頭鑽

- ST standard drill bit, good wear resistance, suitable for processing various common circuit boards     (such as: CEM-3, FR4, halogen-free boards, etc.).
 Diameter range: 0.10 ~ 3.175 mm

- UC type drill (Undercut): good chip removal and hole roughness. It has a long service life and is     suitable for drilling processing of general multilayer boards and high TG circuit boards.
 Diameter range: 0.15 ~ 3.175 mm

- SUC single-edged drill: The main design direction is to improve the strength of the drill. Suitable for   applications with small diameters and high stack thicknesses.

- UPF type drill bit: UC double edge and groove design, on the basis of improving the strength of the drill bit, ensuring the space for chip removal, and taking into account the balanced design of hole position accuracy and hole wall quality

- ID type drill bit: the step-back series drill bit, the drill diameter part is larger than the shank diameter (3.173 mm).
Drill diameter range: 3.20 ~ 7.00 mm

- BF type (butterfly) drill bit: In the process of thick copper plate processing, conventional medium and large drill diameters will cause serious wire winding problems. The design of butterfly drill bits can effectively improve this issue.
Diameter range: 2.50 ~ 7.00 mm

- SD type drill bit: slot drill with high rigidity design, specially used for the drilling of slot holes in circuit boards.
Diameter range: 0.35 ~ 3.10 mm

- USD type drill: UC type slot drill. On the basis of the drilling slot type, the quality of the hole wall is guaranteed at the same time.

- YSD type drill bit: UC type parallel groove Y type groove drill, mainly designed for the processing of difficult slot holes, especially for short slot holes and slot holes with strict wall requirements.

- RT type diamond milling cutter: sharp cutting, good chip removal performance, high dimensional accuracy, long service life, suitable for washing various circuit boards.
Diameter range: 0.40 ~ 3.175 mm

- SRT type diamond milling cutter: Specially designed double right-handed groove shape, through the unique design of the tool, the tool life is greatly improved, mainly for high TG, halogen-free plates, etc.
Diameter range: 0.40 ~ 3.175 mm

- ART type drill bit: sharp double-edged milling cutter, with good cutting performance, effectively improving the tipping condition, suitable for milling of metal substrates.
Diameter range: 0.50 ~ 3,175 mm

- EM type (Endmill) drill: double-edged flat-end milling cutter, suitable for machining without piercing.
Diameter range: 0.50 ~ 3.0 mm

- CS type (countersink) countersink bit: for countersinking. Diameter and angle can be customized.
Diameter range: 3.2 ~ 7.0 mm